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Friday, January 27, 2006

E.D. Hill: Can Still Be Amazing!!

E.D. "Amazing" Hill!

Many People have Claimed That E.D. Was Too Old! I Mean Being 44 Yeard old and Having 8 Kids You Would think E.D. Would Look Like a Complete Mess! Well Thats Just The Oposite! Take a Look at The Pic From Todays Show and ask Yourself...Is that Old? I Say HELL NO!

When E.D. Wants to She Can Still Be the Best Of the Best and Today She Proved She can Still Go Even With all the Younger Talent Of Women FNC Has!

So I Say To E.D. Thank You For Bringing Back a Little Bit of the E.D. Donhaey We Remember from So Long ago And To Hope that you Continue WOW'ing Your Fans!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Charytin Gocyo: Long Hot Legs!

Charytin Gocyo:

Charytin Has Been Gone over 2 Weeks, And Today January 23, 2006 she came back with a Vengence! For Being in her Mid 50's She Can Sure carry Her Weight When It Comes to those Outfits She Sometimes Wears!

I Remember a Year ago both her and Marissa Wore some of the Shortest Skirts Together! One can only hope that Today Marked the Start of a New Escandalo TV and Charytin Becoming the Hot Babe From A Year ago! Odds are against it but We'll see!

Heather Tesch: Her Assets

Heather Tesch:

Heather Most Of the Time May Not Wear the Best Outfits, But Once and Awhile she wears some nice tops on her shows! Sadly However TWC Has Cut Back ALOT on Legviews Which Only Gives Cappers basically Nice tops to Cap!

Heather is Wearing a Skirt in the Pic Above but far too Long! Basically Tight tops on TWC is where its at Now and For Women Like Sharon Resultan, Nicole Mitchel, And Heather Tesch We Can Only Hope the Trend Continues Since Leg is No Longer A Possibility!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Brigitte Quinn: Her Long Long Legs!

Brigitte Quinn:

Brigitte Quinn Without a Doubt is the Hottest FNL Woman On Today! No One comares to the Way She Dresses! Like this Pic for Example! Nice Long Hosed Legs!

Brigitte Quinn Dresses Great Alot of the time, But Unfortunatly For Us Brigitte Quinn Fans We Get Ripped off With Hardly No Legshots From BQ With Exceptions Of a Few Occasions When We LuckOut! FNC Needs to Go Back to Showing the Womens Legs alot like they Used to!

Soledad's Legs!

Soledad O Brien:

Finally Today January 20th, 2006 Soledad Got a Few Decent Studio Segments! Soledad Has Got Some Great Leggage and Should Definatly Wear Skirts Much More Often!

Soledad Used to Wear Quite a Few Skirts and Show leg on the Today Show when She was on, Be Nice if She Would Do the Same on American Morning Since its Basially The Only Show Worth Watching on CNN Nowadays!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Not Over the Hill, HOT HILL!

E.D. Hill:

Withoubt a Doubt E.D. In My Opinion Is trying To Re-establish Herself as The E.D. Donahey We Once Remembered!

True E.D.'s Skirts Are Not as Short as They Once Were And Probably Most likley Will Never be that Way Again From When She was back in 99-2000, But Still She has Come back Greatly From How She was a Year ago When All She Wore was Basically pants and long Skirts!

I Do Hope E.D. Will Continue this Trend of Skirts Because She will Have to Hold Down the Fort on Fox and Friends While Kiran is Gone!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Jackie's Boobs!

Jackie Guerrido:
Out Of all The Women On Univision, Jackie Has Got to be the Sexiest! Plus Shes Basically The Only One on Univision that still actually Dresses Sexy and Like a Woman! Look at So Called Women Like Ana Maria! When Was the Lat Time She was in a Great Skirt?! And Primer Impacto Got Rid of 2 Women: Myrka, Carmen and Now Veronica! I Remember When Primer Impacto was an all Women Show! Now it Sucks!
Face it, Right Now Jackie is the Only Soul Saviour Of Univision's Women Now! Hell, Just Take a Look at That Picture! Any Man Would Love To Reach Thru the Screen and Grab those Ripe Mealons!!! Basically If You say No Your Either A Liar or a Queer!!!!

What's Exactly Wrong With Luisa Fernanda?

Luisa Fernanda:
As You Can See By The Pic Luisa Loves to Show Off Those Huge Mealons Of Her's Once and Awhile, But the Skirts Have Gotten Less and less!!!! What Happened to Luisa Who Always Wore Short Skirts! Were Basically Lucky To Get Her in a Skirt 1 Day a week!
It Seems Like When Natalia Villences Left Cotorreando, Things have been going downhill from there! It Would Be Nice to See Her Back to Her Old Hot Self!!! Maybe 1 Day She Will Change But For Now We'll Have To look at Her Rack More then Her Legs!!!! Not Saying thats a Bad thing!!!!

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